द्वन्दको प्रभाव

नक्कली बन्दुक समात्दै एक बालक

माओबादी युद्द कालमा क्षतिग्रस्त गा बि स भवन बन्ने क्रममा रहेको रत्नेचौरमा युद्दकालको भयाबह अझै ब्याप्त नै रहेको तथ्य माथिको तस्बिरले देखाउछ ।


1 thought on “द्वन्दको प्रभाव

  1. now a day childrens r mordenized or something changed them i don’t know.they changed their playing materials n changed their concept,over view to play.when they kickout their doll i feel they kickout also their innocent face.revenge n fear on their face…plz stop it to make the ADOLF HITLER whose r going to be BUDDHA…..

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